As the Velox beta has been publicly released for a few weeks now, the team thought it pertinent to openly discuss the successes and challenges we’ve found throughout our community beta testing. These include addressing failed transactions, UI hick-ups, and the massive effort the entire development team is making to efficiently deploy improvements. Before we start, the Velox Global team would like to thank our users for constructively testing, critiquing, and encouraging the Velox team in their continued efforts at improving this revolutionary platform.

Newly Designed Velox Logo

Prior to the public release of Velox we recognized that, while we were confident in our…

Velox is released, the limit order functionality is working, and many of you may be wondering… what’s been the hold up? Why did Velox take so long and why is it different from what I am expecting? We’re going to go through those details and a couple more to give our community a thorough understanding of how Velox started, what’s been going on with development, and where the platform is heading in the very near future.

The Velox UI with upcoming functionality.

It started with a simple idea

Velox began as the brainchild of Hannu Kuusi in early 2020. …

Here is a step-by-step guide for simple, straightforward Velox trading. We’ve decided to release this post as a supplement to the User Guide, which clarifies much of why Velox was constructed as is. Enjoy!

  1. On the App.Velox.Global webpage, click on “Connect Wallet.”
  2. Approve the MetaMask connection.
  3. Search for your token pair.
  4. Enter the maximum amount of gas to spend on your transaction.
  5. Decided whether you’d like to buy the token (WETH next to input space) or sell the token (Token icon next to input space).
  6. Enter the token price at which Velox will send your trade.
  7. Unlock as much WETH…

A paramount question when releasing novel crypto technology…

How important is contract security, even if it’s INCREDIBLY unlikely to be exploited?

The answer: Security is the MOST important feature.

Velox has been built and alpha tested for the past few weeks to the point where we could release the project today.

Through the insight of some highly experienced third parties, we discovered a potential risk factor, which exists in many smart contracts currently used in the space, that we cannot in good faith release for Velox. As such, we will be moving the public launch to February 14th.

The good…

Text Transcript Of AMA — January 3, 2021

DEXTools: Hi DEXTools Community, we are glad to introduce you one of our recent partners and an amazing project which you will be able to try very soon at our App. Borned from DEXT Force members, I am happy to make this AMA with Velox Team.

Velox: Hey @FredericDEXT Thanks for having us!

DEXTools: Glad to have you here boys. So, tell our community, what exactly is Velox?

Velox: Velox is a token-free algorithmic bot trading system. In other words, Velox will allow traders to establish ERC20 trading positions which are executed instantaneously by out trading software aka “bot.”


Velox is a fast-paced, user friendly automated trading bot for the Uniswap and Sushiswap decentralized exchanges. Utilizing foundational “if-then” commands, this bot executes buy, sell, and cost-minimizing trades more effectively than any other public trading software. The system features a state-of-the-art execution sequence providing Velox with over 99% accuracy on all previous-block trades without requiring any 3rd party software to be installed, no deposits into a contract, and no need for a Velox-token.

Within its current iteration, Velox will provide you with professional level swap efficiency on an intuitive user interface. …


The scalable, highly efficient trading bot for decentralized exchanges.

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