Velox Limit Trading: A Step-by-step Process

  1. On the App.Velox.Global webpage, click on “Connect Wallet.”
  2. Approve the MetaMask connection.
  3. Search for your token pair.
  4. Enter the maximum amount of gas to spend on your transaction.
  5. Decided whether you’d like to buy the token (WETH next to input space) or sell the token (Token icon next to input space).
  6. Enter the token price at which Velox will send your trade and select WETH or USD pricing.
  7. Enter the appropriate slippage amount for the strategy.
  8. Unlock as much WETH and Token you want the Velox smart contract to access.
  9. Click on Wrap Ethereum to have the necessary amount of WETH in your wallet to execute an order.
  10. Review your strategy to select how many re-try attempts you would like in the event of a failed transaction.
  11. Deploy Velox!



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